Metal Tip Archief

3 Inches Of Blood - Advance And Vanquish
36 Crazyfists - Rest Inside The Flames
36 Crazyfists - Collisions And Castaways
Abysmal Torment - Epoch Of Methodic Carnage
Ac/Dc - Black Ice (Deluxe / Limited)
After Forever - After Forever
Akercocke - Words That Go Unspoken Deeds That G (Cd/Dvd)
Alter Bridge - Ab Iii
Amon Amarth - Surtur Rising (Cd+dvd)
Anathema - We Re Here Because..
Anathema - Weather Systems
Animosity - Animal
Ankla - Steep Trails
Annihilator - Schizo Deluxe (Limited Edition)
Answer, The - Everyday Demons
Anthrax - Worship Music
Apocalyptica - 7th Symphony (Ltd Edition)
Arch Enemy - Doomsday Machine (Limited Edition)
Arch Enemy - Rise Of The Tyrant (Limited Edition Cd/Dvd)
Archgoat - Whore Of Bethlehem (For Fans Of Blasphemy)
Arsebreed - Munching The Rotten
Assjack - Assjack (Hank Williams Iii)
Autumn - Altitude/Digi
Autumn - Cold Comfort (Digi)
Avantasia - The Metal Opera 1
Ayreon - Human Equation -Ltd- (Ltd 2cd + 60 Min.bonus Dvd In Delux)
Ayreon - Timeline (2 Cd + 2 Dvd Best + Unreleased Trac)
Bal-Sagoth - Atlantis Ascendant
Baroness - Yellow & Green
Bathory - Nordland 1
Beheaded - Ominous Bloodline
Behemoth - Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)
Behemoth - Demigod
Behemoth - Historica 5cd (Lmtd. Edition 5cd Box)
Behemoth - Evangelion (Cd + Bonus Dvd)
Belphegor - Bondage Goat Zombie (Cd + Dvd)
Benighted - Carnivore Sublime
Black Altar - Black Altar
Black Dahlia Murder - Nocturnal
Black Dahlia Murder, The - Unhallowed
Black Dahlia Murder, The - Miasma
Black Label Society - Order Of The Black (Ltd Ed)
Blastcorps - Glorified
Bleeding Through - Bleeding Through
Bloodbath - Fathomless Mastery
Bloodbath - Resurrection Through Carnage
Bloodboil - Festering Fornication
Bloodhammer - Post-Apocalypse Trilogy
Bloodline - Werewolf Training
Blut Aus Nord - What Once Was ...liber!
Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal
Boris - Pink (Southern Lord)
Boris & Merzbow - Rock Dream (Southern Lord)
Borknagar - Epic
Brave Black Sea - Fragments -Digi-
Bullet For My Valentine - Fever
Burzum - Belus
Burzum - Umskiptar -Ltd-
C-187 - Collision
Caliban - Undying Darkness
Caliban - I Am Nemesis (Special Edition) (2 Cd Digipak)
Candlemass - Candlemass (Digi)
Cannibal Corpse - The Wretched Spawn (Limited Edition Cd/Dvd)
Cannibal Corpse - Kill (Cd/Dvd)
Carach Angren - Where The Corpses Sink Forever
Carach Angren - This Is No Fairytale
Carnal Forge - Aren't You Dead Yet?
Carpathian Forest - Skjend Hans Lik -Digi-
Carpathian Forest - Fuck You All
Cavalera Conspiracy - Blunt Force Trauma (Ltd Ed)
Cavalera Conspiracy - Inflikted (= Sepultura)
Celestial Season - Mysterium Ii
Celtic Frost - Monotheist (Limited Edition Digipak With Poster)
Centinex - World Declension
Channel Zero - Feed Em With A Brick
Chaosbreed - Brutal
Children Of Bodom - Follow The Reaper
Children Of Bodom - Skeletons In The Closet
Children Of Bodom - Holiday At.. -Cd+dvd-
Chimaira - Chimaira (Limited Edition)
Chimaira - Resurrection (Cd/Dvd)
Chrome Division - 3rd Round Knockout
Chrome Molly - Gunpowder Diplomacy
Circle Ii Circle - Season Will Fall
Circle Ii Circle - Middle Of Nowhere =ltd= (Digibook)
Cola & Jimmu - I Give To You My Love & Devotion
Communic - Waves Of Visuel Decay (Limited Edition)
Construcdead - The Grand Machinery
Corpsefucking Art - War Of The Toilet Gear
Cradle Of Filth - Nymphetamine (Ltd Edition)
Cradle Of Filth - Nymphetamine
Cradle Of Filth - Midian
Cradle Of Filth - Damnation And A Day
Cradle Of Filth - Thornography
Cradle Of Filth - Manticore And Other Horrors
Cradle Of Filth - Darkly Darkly
Cradle Of Filth - Evermore Darkly (Cd + Dvd)
Cradle Of Filth - Godspeed On The Devil S Thunder (Lt (Limited Edition)
Crematory - Klagebilder (Limited Edition Digipak)
Crucified Barbara - Midnight Chase
Cryptopsy - And Then You'll Beg
Cult Of Luna - Somewhere Along The Highway (Limited Edition)
Cynic - Kindly Bent To Free Us
Cynic - Traced In Air
Dark Sanctuary - Exaudi Vocem Mean (Part Ii)
Dark Tranquillity - Character Lim
Dark Tranquillity - We Are The Void (Ltd Cd Dvd)
Darkane - Layers Of Lies
Darkane - Insanity
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Hora Nocturna
Darkspace - Darkspace Ii
Darkthrone - The Cult Is Alive (Limited Clambox)
Darkthrone - Foad
Darkthrone - Sardonic Wrath
Darkthrone - Circle The Wagons
Deadborn - Stigma Eternal
Deamon - Descend Dethrone
Deathspell Omega - Drought -Digi/Mcd-
Deeds Of Flesh - Crown Of Souls
Deftones - Koi No Yokan
Deftones - Diamond Eyes
Degrade - Hanged And Disemboweled
Deicide - Insineratehymn
Deicide - The Stench Of Redemption
Delain - April Rain (Ltd. Ed.)
Despised Icon - Healing Process
Despondency - Supreme Misanthropic Brutality
Destruction - Thrash Anthems + 2 =ltd/Di (W/Video + 1 Xtra Bonustrack)
Destruction - Inventor Of Evil
Destruction - The Antichrist
Devil's Blood - Thousandfold.. -Digi-
Devildriver - Beast (Ltd Ed) (Cd + Dvd)
Devildriver - The Last Kind Words
Devourment - Butcher The Weak
Dew Scented - Issue Vi
Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis -Digi-
Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia (Bonus Tracks)
Dimmu Borgir - Death Cult Armageddon
Dimmu Borgir - In Sorte Diaboli (Limited Edition)
Disarmonia Mundi - Fragments Of D-Generation (2nd Album)
Disavowed - Stagnated Existence
Disgorge - Parallels Of Infinite Torture
Disquiet - Scars Of Undying Grief
Disturbed - Asylum
Disturbed - Indestructible
Dommin - Love Is Gone
Down - Diary Of A Mad Band Live
Down - Iv-Part 1 The Purple -Ep-
Down By Law - Champions At Heart
Down From The Wound - Agony Through Rituals Of Self Purif
Dragonforce - Maximum Overload
Dragonforce - Inhuman Rampage
Dream Theater - Octavarium
Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos (Limited Edition Cd/Dvd)
Dream Theater - Score:20th Anniversary World
Drudkh - Songs Of Grief And Solitude (Majestic Full Folk Album!)
Drudkh - Eastern Frontier In Flames
Dying Fetus - War Of Attrition
Earth - Hibernaculum (Southern Lord)
Earth - Hex: Or Printing In The Infernal Me (Southern Lord)
Earth - The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's S
Embalmer - 13 Faces Of Death
Ensiferum - Unsung Heroes -Cd+dvd-
Enslaved - Vertebrae
Enslaved - Ruun
Epica - The Road To Paradiso (Cd&boek/Nl Versie)
Epica - The Divine Conspiracy
Epica - Consign Of Oblivion
Equilibrium - Rekreatur
Eternal Ruin - Decomposing Salvation
Evoken - Caress Of The Void
Exhumed - Slaughtercult
Exodus - The Atrocity Exhibition - Exhibit A
Exodus - Exhibit B: The Human Condition
Extreme Violence - Ecstasy In Pain
Fantomas - Suspended Animation
Fear Factory - Archetype
Fear Factory - Mechanize -Digi-
Fear Factory - Industrialist -Digi-
Finntroll - Nifelvind
Finntroll - Ur Jordens Djup (Limited Edition Cd/Dvd)
Five Finger Death Punch - The Way Of The Fist
Glorior Belli - Manifesting The Raging Beast (Southern Lord)
God Forbid - Earthsblood Ltd Digi (Limited Digi 2 Cd)
Godless Truth - Arrogance Of Supreme Power
Gojira - L Enfant Sauvage (Cd+dvd)
Gonzo Circus - Issue 79 (Februari-Maart 2007)
Gored - Incinerate The Vanguished
Gorefest - Rise To Ruin
Goretrade - Perception Of Hate
Gorgoroth - Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam
Gorod - Leading Vision
Grave - Burial Ground
Grief - Alive (Southern Lord)
Gutted - Human Race Deserves To Die
Haemophagia - From Sickness To Cult
Haken - Fauna
Hammerfall - No Sacrifice, No Victory
Hammerfall - Threshold (Digipak)
Hatesphere - The Sickness Within
Hatesphere - Ballet Of The Brute
Haunted, The - One Kill Wonder
Hdk - System Overload
Heaven Shall Burn - Invictus (Limited Edition)
Heidevolk - Batavi
Hensley, Ken & Live Fire - Live!!
Hidden Hand - Devoid Of Color (Southern Lord)
Hidden Hand - The Resurrection Of Whiskey Foote (Southern Lord)
Human Mincer - Devoured Flesh
Hymir - Perish
Hymir - Nyctophobia
Hypnosia - Extreme Hatred
Hypocrisy - Into The Abyss
Iced Earth - Horror Show
Iced Earth - The Glorious Burden (Limited Edition)
Iced Earth - Framing Armageddon (Something Wick)
Iced Earth - Dystopia (Limited Edition + Extra Songs)
Iced Earth - Crucible Of Man - Something Wicked2
Ihsahn - Eremita + 1 -Deluxe-
Immolation - Majesty And Decay
Impure - Hemicorporectomy
In Flames - Clayman
Incubus - Light Grenades
Infected Malignity - The Malignity Born From Despair
Infernal Revulsion - Devastate Under Hallucination
Infested - Until It Breaks Down Again
Internal Suffering - Awakening Of The Rebel
Inveracity - Extermination Of Millions
Iommi, Tony - Fused
Iron Maiden - Death On The Road (Live)
Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier Ltd Edition
Johnson, Merline - The Yas Yas Girl - The Yas Yas Girl (Merline John
Judas Priest - Angel Of Retribution (Limited Cd/Dvd)
Kalmah - Swamplord
Kamelot - Ghost Opera (Limited Edition)
Kamelot - Silverthorn -Ltd-
Kataklysm - Epic (The Poetry Of War)
Katatonia - Night Is The New Day
Katharsis - World Without End
Killswitch Engage - Killswitch Engage (Ltd.ed)
Kiss - Sonic Boom (Ltd Ed)
Kiss - Alive Iv (Live In Melbourne)
Kobra And The Lotus - Kobra And The Lotus
Koldborn - Uncanny Valley
Korn - See You On The Other Side (2cd)
Korn - The Path Of Totality
Korn - Korn Iii - Remember Who Your Are (Cd + Dvd Limited Edition)
Kreator - Hordes Of Chaos
Kreator - Enemy Of God
Krisiun - Works Of Carnage
Krisiun - Assassination
Krisiun - The Great Execution (Digi Ltd)
Kronos - The Helenic Terror
Krux - Iii - He Who Sleeps..
Ktl - Ktl
Lacuna Coil - Karmacode
Lair Of The Minotaur - The Ultimate Destroyer (Southern Lord)
Lamb Of God - Sacrament
Lamb Of God - Wrath (Ltd Edition)
Leaves Eyes - We Came With The Northern Wind
Leaves' Eyes - Vinland Saga
Legion Of The Damned - Feel The Blade (Limited Edition Cd/Dvd)
Legion Of The Damned - Slaughtering -Ltd- (2cd+dvd)
Leviathan - True Traitor, True Whore
Life Of Agony - Broken Valley
Life Of Agony - River Runs Again (Live 2003)
Lividity - The Age Of Clitoral Decay
Lock Up - Necropolis Transparent
Lost Prophets - The Betrayed
Luciferian Light Orchestra - Luciferian Light Orchestra (= Christopher Johnsson Van Therion)
Lunar Aurora - Zyklus
Lunar Aurora - Andacht
Lust Of Decay - Purity Through Dismemberment
Machine Head - The Blackening (Special Edition)
Machine Head - Unto The Locust (Spec Ed) (Cd + Dvd)
Malevolent Creation - Doomsday X
Malignancy - Inhuman Grotesqueries
Mangled - Witness Disposal Program
Manowar - Gods Of War
Marduk - Rom 5:12
Marduk - Infernal Eternal
Marduk - Plague Angel
Marillion - Sounds That Can T Be Made
Master - Slaves To Society
Masterplan - Aeronautics
Masterplan - Aeronautics (Limited Digipak)
Mastodon - Call Of The Mastodon
Mastodon - Blood Mountain (Cd/Dvd)
Mastodon - Crack The Skye
Mayhem - Grand Declaration Of War
Megadeth - System Has Failed
Megadeth - United Abominations
Megadeth - Endgame
Megadeth - Warchest (4cd/Dvd)
Megadeth - Th1rt3en
Melechesh - Emissaries (Digipak)
Melektaus - Transcendence Through Ethereal Scou
Melvins - Tres Cabrones
Menace - Impact Velocity -Digi-
Meshuggah - Koloss
Meshuggah - Alive
Meshuggah - Obzen
Metal Church - A Light In The Dark
Metallica - St Anger (Limited Edition)
Metallica - Metallica Through The Never (2 Cd Set)
Mindly Rotten - The Most Exquisite Agonies
Ministry - Houses Of The Mole
Ministry - Relapse
Misery Index - Discordia
Mnemic - Sons Of The System
Moonspell - Memorial (Limited Edition)
Morbid Angel - Heretic (Limited Edition)
Morbid Angel - Gateways To Annihilation
Morbid Angel - Illud Divinum Insanus
Morbid Angel - Illud Divinum.. -Ltd-
Morgana Lefay - Aberrations Of The Mind
Moroni, Dado - Live In Beverly Hills (Moroni, Dado)
Mortician - Re-Animated Dead Flesh
Motorhead - Kiss Of Death (Limited Edition)
Motorhead - Motorizer
My Dying Bride - For Lies I Sire
My Dying Bride - A Line Of Deathless Kings
My Favorite Scar - My Favorite Scar
Nachtmystium - Instinct: Decay
Napalm Death - Smear Campaign Ltd (Digipack + Bonustracks)
Napalm Death - The Code Is Red... Long Live The Co (Limited Edition)
Napalm Death - Enemy Of The Music Busine
Napalm Death - Time Waits For No Slave Ltd
Napalm Death - Utilitarian (Limited Edition)
Nasum - Grind Finale
Necrophagia - Deathtrip 69 -Digi-
Necroplasma - Sit Gloria Domini In Saeculum
Negura Bunget - Om
Neurosis - Fires Within Fires
Nevermore - The Obsidian Conspiracy (Limit
Nightwish - Made In Hong Kong
Nightwish - Imaginaerium
Nightwish - Dark Passion Play
Nightwish - Over The Hills And Far Away
Nightwish - Once
Nightwish - Highest Hopes (Cd/Dvd - The Best Of Nightwish)
Nil - Nil
Nile - Ithyphallic
Nile - Annihilating The Wicked
Nile - Black Seeds Of Vengeance
Nile - Those Whom The Gods Detest (Digipack)
No Return - Machinery
Nominon - Terra Necrosis
Nox - Ixaxaar
Nymeria - In The Veil Of Night
Obituary - Xecutioner's Return (Limited Edition Digipak)
Obituary - Frozen In Time
Odious Mortem - Cryptic Implosion
Om - Pilgrimage (Southern Lord)
Om - Conference Of The Birds
Opeth - The Roundhouse Tapes (Live At The Camden Roundhouse)
Opeth - Ghost Reveries
Opeth - Watershed (Ltd Edition)
Opeth - In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (5 Dvd Set)
Opeth - Heritage (Spec. Ed) (Cd + Dvd)
Order Of Isaz - Seven Years Of Famine
Origin - Antithesis
Origin - Echoes Of Decimation
P.o.d. ( Payable On Death ) - Murdered Love
Pain - Cynic Paradise
Pain Of Salvation - On The Two Deaths Of (Ltd Ed) (2 Dvd + 2 Cd)
Panic Room - Skin
Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol (Limited Edition)
Paradise Lost - Faith Divides Us - Death Unite
Paradise Lost - In Requiem
Path Of No Return - Black Nights Coming
Paths Of Possession - Promises In Blood
Pestilence - Resurrection Macabre
Peter Pan Speedrock - Spread Eagle (Limited Edition Digipak)
Peter Pan Speedrock - Pursuit Until Capture
Phoenix Mourning - When Excuses Become Antiques
Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet (Cd/Dvd Special Fan Issue)
Probot - Probot
Prostitute Disfigurement - Descendants Of Depravity
Psycroptic - Symbols Of Failure
Pyaemia - Cerebral Cereal
Pyrexia - Age Of The Wicked
Queensryche - Mindcrime At The Moore (Live)
Queensryche - Operation:mind Crime Ii (Volume 2)
Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime (2cd+dvd)
Rammstein - Rosenrot
Rammstein - Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da (Deluxe Ed.)
Ravenous, The - Assembled In Blasphemy
Resistance - Scars -Digi-
Revamp - Revamp (Ltd Edition)
Rhapsody Of Fire - The Frozen Tears Of Angels
Ritual Carnage - The Birth Of Tragedy
Roadrunner United - The All-Star Session
Rotten Sound - Exit
Rotten Sound - Cycles
Rotting Christ - Aealo Cd + Dvd
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Ghostmaker
Sacrifice - Soldiers Of Misfortune
Samael - Above (Digi)
Saprogenic - Ichneumonid
Satyricon - Now Diabolical
Satyricon - The Age Of Nero (Limited Edition)
Satyricon - Satyricon Lim 2 Cd
Scum - Gospels For The Sick
Sepultura - Nation (Digipak)
Sepultura - Dante Xxi
Sepultura - A-Lex (Luxe Digipack)
Sepultura - Kairos (Limited Cd + Dvd)
Seth - Les Blessures De.. -Digi-
Sevendust - Next (Cd+dvd)
Shining - Redefining Darkness
Shining (No) - Blackjazz
Sick Of It All - Nonstop (Re-Recordings) Ltd (Cd + Dvd)
Sigh - Gallows Gallery
Sins Of Thy Beloved, The - Perpetual Desolation
Sirenia - 13th Floor, The
Six Feet Under - Death Rituals/Digi
Slash - Slash
Slayer - World Painted Blood
Slayer - Christ Illusion
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Of Natural History
Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone (Ltd Ed.)
Slipknot - (Sic) Nesses
Sodom - Sodom
Soen - Cognitive
Soilwork - The Panic Broadcast
Solitude Aeturnus - Alone (Limited Edition Digipak)
Sonata Arctica - Days Of Grays (Digibook)
Sonic Soundicate - We Rule The Night (Cd + Dvd)
Soulfly - Omen (Ltd Ed)
Soulfly - Conquer -Spec.ed.- (Cd+dvd- 3 Bonustracks On Cd Plus Fu)
Soulfly - Prophecy (Digi + 6 Live Tracks Limited)
Static-X - Start A War
Stone Sour - Come What(Ever) May
Stratovarius - Nemesis -Digi-
Styxian Industries - Salvation Through Deterioration
Suffocate Bastard - Acts Of Contemporary Violence
Suffocation - Suffocation
Suicidal Tendencies - 13
Sunn O))) - Black One (Southern Lord)
Sunn O)))/Boris - Altar (Limited Edition 2cd)
Surgical Dissection - Disgust
Susperia - Unlimited
Swallow The Sun - Emerald Forest And The..
System Of A Down - Hypnotize (Dual Disc)
System Of A Down - Mesmerize
Taake - Stridens Hus -Ltd/Digi-
Tangorodrim - Justus Ex Fide Vivit (Southern Lord)
Tarja - My Winter Storm (Cd/Dvd)
Tarja - Left In The Dark -Digi-
Teethgrinder - Misanthropy
Teitanblood - Death
Tenet - Sovereign
Terror 2000 - Terror For Sale (2005 Album)
Terrorizer - Darker Days Ahead
Testament - Dark Roots Of Earth
Textures - Dualism
Thename - Unchained -Digi-
Therion - Sitha Ahra (Digipack)
Thunderstorm - Faithless Soul (If You're Looking For "Trouble"....)
Tiny Vipers - Hands Across The Void
Total Demise - Total Demise
Townsend, Devin -Project- - Addicted
Townsend, Devin Project - Decontruction
Townsend, Devin - Ziltoid The Omniscient (2 Cd Versie)
Townsend, Devin - Synchestra (Cd/Dvd)
Toxic Holocaust - Evil Never Dies
Toxik - World Circus
Toxik - Think This
Tristania - Ashes
Trivium - In Waves (Special Ed) (Cd + Dvd)
Trivium - Shogun (Ltd Edition)
Turunen, Tarja - Act I
Type O Negative - Dead Again
Tyranny - Bleak Vistae
Ulcerate - Of Fracture And Failure
Ulver - Shadows Of The Sun
Unearth - The March
Unleashed - As Yggdrasil Trembles
Unleashed - Sworn Allegiance
Unlord - Gladiator
Unmerciful - Unmercifully Beaten
Unmerciful/Infected Malignity - Corphagy/Worms Inside (Split Cd)
Vader - Revelations
Vader - The Beast (Cd/Dvd)
Vader - Necropolis
Vallenfyre - A Fragile King (Ltd Digipack)
Various - Dutch Steel -Ltd- (2 Cd)
Various Artists - 20 Years Of Nuclear Blast
Verloren - In Zalvend Onmin (Raw Belgian Black!)
Vermin - A Nihilistic Swarm
Vile - The New Age Of Chaos
Virulent - Prime Of Naught
Visceral Bleeding - Transcend Into Ferocity
Vision Bleak - Set Sail To.. -Digi-
Vision Divine - Destination Set.. -Spec- (2 Cd + Best Of)
Vital Remains - Icons Of Evil
Voivod - Katorz
Volbeat - Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
Volle, Zysset, Magnussen - Simplicius, Zurich 2000 (Strauss, Johann)
Vomitory - Opus Mortis Viii (Digi)
Watain - Lawless Darkness -Digi-
Witchery - Witchkrieg (Limited Edition)
Within Temptation - The Unforgiving Cd + Dvd (Limited)
Within Temptation - An Acoustic Night At The Theat
Within Temptation - The Heart Of Everything (Limited Edition)
Wolves In The Throne Room - Celestite
Wolvhammer - Clawing Into Black Sun
Xystus - Equilibrio
Zombie, Rob - Hellbilly Deluxe 2
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