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Psycho Gothic Lolita (Region 1) - Ohara, Go
Releasedatum: 24 mei 2011

In the same way no one does vengeance thrillers like the
Koreans, no one can touch the Japanese for nonsensical,
outrageous gonzo gore.

Yuki lives at home in peace until one day, a unit of assassins
breaks in and kills her mother. To avenge the heinous crime,
Yuki becomes a demon of vengeance, donning gothic lolita
clothing and using a deadly parasol as a weapon.
This film marks the first starring role for Akiyama, best known
for her trademark butt pose in gravure magazines and photo
books, which earned her the Best Buttocks Award in 2007
and the title Bishiri no Joo (Queen of the Beautiful Ass).

€ 25.99

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