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Venus In Furs R2 (Uk Import) - Maria Rohm
Releasedatum: 12 juni 2014

How can you run from a dead person unless youre dead yourself?

James Darren (The Guns of Navarone) stars as a jazz trumpeter in the throes of a breakdownwho is sucked into a perverse mire of psycho-sexual horror after finding a dead body of a girl he had watched being stripped and whipped the previous evening at a party. Now Darren along with his sultry girlfriend, a kinky lesbian, a depraved playboy... and the mysterious, insatiable beauty, Marie Rohm, begin a journey that may lead them all straight to hell!

Remastered from the original negative and is presented here totally uncut and uncensored. This infamous erotic shocker by cult director Jess Franco also features a jazz score by the legendary Manfred Mann.

€ 11.99

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