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Neon Genesis Evangelion R2 (The End Of Evangelion) - Kazuya & Hideaki
Releasedatum: 5 juli 2004
At the dawn of the new millennium, mankind has awakened a threat unlike any faced before - the angels. Conventional weapons are useless against them. They can only be stopped by means of the Evangelions - bio-engineered vessels born from the Angel's own technology. But this forbidden knowledge is also the key to bringing about a startling new genesis for the human race. Placed in the hands of three young pilots, the final fate of humanity resting upon their shoulders, the Evas are the world's last hope...

'The End Of Evangelion' is the mind-blowing finale to the incredible Neon Genesis Evangelion series. This stunning anime feature was comprised of two alternate episodes intended by the animators at GAINAX Studios to take the place of episodes 25 and 26 of the original series. Acclaimed Japanese animation director Hideaki Anno creates a visual tour-de-force that resolves many questions about the epic series while also generating some interesting new ones.

DVD Extras:
Audio commentary by Amanda Winn Lee (English language director and voice of Rei Ayanami). Additional voice commentary by Taliesin Jaffe and Jason C. Lee. Japanese production credits.

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