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Shaolin Brothers R2 (Uk Import) - Kou, Joseph
Releasedatum: 27 januari 2003
Combining the supernatural and martial arts wizardry to brilliant effect, Shaolin Brothers is an "old skool" kung fu classic from director Joseph Kuo (The Old Master, The Unbeaten 28). Having spent 10 years together as disciples in the Shaolin temple, close friends Ling Yun-Chang and Ko Lung-Ta find themselves at odds when politics take a part in their lives. Born into a family of Manchurian nobles, Ko is appointed South China Area Commander and invites Ling to join him serving the Manchu government.

When Ling rejects the offer, Ko begins to persecute his former friend and the anti-government activists who are working with him. As politics threaten to drive a final stake between the two friends forever, the Shaolin brothers must overcome the Manchu army of bizarre fighting experts and their deadly magic armour kung fu. Starring Carter Wong, alongside Tang Wei, Tong Li and Chin Mong, Shaolin Brothers is an acknowledged classic of the kung fu genre, featuring some of the most innovative and original martial arts action of its time.

DVD Extras:
Theatrical trailer. Scene selection. Fully interactive moving menus.

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