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Novalima - Coba Coba Remixed
Releasedatum: 13 juli 2009

A perfect combination of the Hollywood heist film and Melville’s trademark existentialism, Le Cercle Rouge is a masterful study of the French Underworld. Alain Delon stars as an aristocratic master-thief who joins forces with a fugitive and an alcoholic ex-cop in order to carry out the ultimate robbery in this uniquely stylish Gallic film noir.

Special features:
- Introduction by Ginette Vincendeau
- Code Name: Melville
- Interview Bernard Stora
- Interview José Giovanni
- Interview Rui Nogueira
- Trailer



Jean-Pierre Melville's hugely influential film remains a cornerstone of the crime genre. Corey (Alain Delon - BORSALINO) is the young gun in the French underworld who has just been released from prison. Escaped convict Vogel (Gian Maria Volonte – FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE) hides in the trunk of Corey's car. The two enlist the help of an alcoholic former cop (Yves Montand) for an elaborate jewellery-store robbery. Police inspector Mattei (Bourvil) whom Vogel escaped in the beginning of the film is on the case trying to recapture the criminals. He is not opposed to using blackmail techniques to get answers out of the unwilling witnesses and criminals brought in for questioning.

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