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Incredible Melting Man, The R2 (Uncut) - Sachs, William
Releasedatum: 6 oktober 2003
Colonel Steve West (Alex Rebar) returns to Earth after an historic space flight to Saturn has afflicted him with a bizarre and unknown disease. As he looks in the mirror he is greeted with the most incredible sight - his face is melting before his very eyes! Hospitalised upon touchdown he starts to develop strange side-effects, a rapidly growing hunger that can be satiated by one six things - blood, skin, sinew, gristle and bone!

He must feed on human flesh and drink the blood of others in order to survive. Escaping his doctor's supervision, he hides out in the woods surrounding a small town. Stalking human prey he begins his nightmarish reign of terror. With spectacular special effects by Rick Baker (An American Werewolf In London, Men In Black), The Incredible Melting Man is here released uncut!

DVD Extras:
Interactive menus. Scene selection. Picture gallery. Promo trailer.

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