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Behm, Marc - Party's Over Rb (Uk Import (Dvd + Blu-Ray))
Releasedatum: 17 mei 2010
When enigmatic young American, Melina (Louise Sorel), falls in with a group of Chelsea beatniks, she catches the attention of the gang s defiant leader, Moise (Oliver Reed), but invites scorn and jealousy from the group s other members, including Moise s lover Libby (Ann Lynn). At one wild and drunken party, the group s games are taken too far, and tragedy follows, but only when Melina s fiancÚ, Carson (Clifford David), begins investigating does the terrible truth reveal itself.

Originally banned by the censors for its controversial content, The Party s Over has long been out of circulation, despite the presence of some of Britain s most celebrated acting talent and James Bond director Guy Hamilton (Goldfinger , Live and Let Die).

Extra Features:

Dual Format Edition: Includes both the Blu-ray and the DVD of the film and extras Remastered to High Definition Alternative export cut of the main feature Archival short films and documentaries Fully illustrated booklet including comprehensive contextualising notes and essays from academics and film historians Dolby Digital mono audio (320 kbps)

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