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Gunslinger Western Collection (Region 1) - Gunslinger Western Collection
Releasedatum: 22 september 2009
1. If You Meet Sartana, Pray For Your Death
Cast: Gianni Garko, Klaus Kinski
It hails bullets and rains blood when a mysterious stranger (Garko) goes up against rival gangs, shady bankers, and a Gatling gun in a showdown over a shipment of gold! This violent film launched a highly successful run of sequels based on the character of Sartana. (Not Rated, Widescreen, Color, 1 hr 34 min)

2. Run, Man, Run
Cast: Tomas Milian, Donald O'Brien
A knife-throwing thief (Milian) must beat murderous bandits, federal agents, a bounty hunter, and his own hot-blooded fiancée (Alonso) to a fortune in lost gold that could change the outcome of the Mexican revolution! (Not Rated, Widescreen, Color, 1 hr 59 min)

3. The Strangers Gundown
Cast: Anthony Steffen, Rada Rassimov
An avenging gunman (Steffen) returns from the grave to settle an old score with the traitorous Confederate officers who allowed his regiment to be slaughtered during a Civil War battle. (Not Rated, Widescreen, Color, 1 hr 37 min)

4. I Am Sartana, Trade Your Guns For A Coffin
Cast: George Hilton, Erika Blanc
On his endless quest for gold, a gunslinging bounty hunter (Hilton) tangles with Mexican bandits, a double-crossing mining boss, and a parasol-carrying dandy! (Not Rated, Fullscreen, Color, 1 hr 31 min)

5. Blindman
Cast: Tony Anthony, Ringo Starr, Lloyd Battista
A sightless gunslinger (Anthony) embarks on a bloody killing spree after Mexican banditos steal the precious cargo he was to deliver to Texas miners--50 mail order brides! Ex-Beatle Ringo Starr is impressive as one of the malicious bandits. (Not Rated, Fullscreen, Color, 1 hr 23 min)

6. Keoma
Cast: Franco Nero, Woody Strode
A half-breed Indian (Nero) returns home after the Civil War to discover his town overrun by sadistic bandits and a greedy landowner. Widely considered the last great spaghetti western! (Not Rated, Widescreen, Color, 1 hr 40 min)

7. The Four Of The Apocalypse
Cast: Tomas Milian, Fabio Testi
The sole survivors of a frontier-town massacre--a vain gambler (Testi), a bumbling alcoholic (Pollard), a prostitute, and a man who sees ghosts--make a desperate bid to reach the next town. But when they meet a trigger-happy bandit (Milian), all their lives are changed forever! (Not Rated, Widescreen, Color, 1 hr 41 min)

8. And God Said To Cain
Cast: Klaus Kinski, Peter Carsten
After enduring ten brutal years of hard labor for a crime he did not commit, a former Union officer (Kinski) has one thing on his mind-- revenge. But the man who framed him is now a wealthy land baron who guards himself with 30 hired guns! (Not Rated, Widescreen, Color, 1 hr 34 min)

9. The Fighting Fist Of Shanghai Joe
Cast: Chen Lee, Klaus Kinski, Gordon Mitchell
A Chinese immigrant (Lee) seeks a new life in America, but instead finds racists, perverts, slavers, greedy con men and mercenaries. When provoked, the gentle mystic becomes a deadly killing machine with fists of fury that can ram through his opponents' bodies! (Not Rated, Widescreen, Color, 1 hr 34 min)

10. White Comanche
Cast: William Shatner, Joseph Cotten
Stars William Shatner in a dual role! Half-breed twins--one a leader of a band of Comanches, the other a member of the white man's world--face off in a bloody showdown when a violent rangewar is declared! (Not Rated, Fullscreen, Color, 1 hr 33 min)

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