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Whip And The Body, Conspiracy Of To (Region 1) - Bava/Fulci
Releasedatum: 24 februari 2009
Two classic Italian Horrormovies by Bava en Fulci!

The Whip And The Body

Irresistible and genuine Gothic scares, atmospheric camera work and breathtaking scenery; directed by perhaps the greatest horror genius of all time Mario Bava (Black Sunday). Starring Christopher Lee, who counts this among his favorite roles; it iLs essential viewing for his fans. ee stars as Kurt Menliff, the cruel and fiendish son of an eminent family. His family's hatred towards Kurt vile behavior is surpassed only by their fear of him; but his brother's wife, lovely Nevenka (the sumptuous Daliah Lavi), has a secret desire for his wicked sexual preferences. The films was heavily censored upon it's initial release because of it's scandalous and provocative content. Presented her in it's original uncut glory, this ghost story, murder mystery, psychosexual character study is a highly unique, gorgeous movie that will stay with you for a long time. English version.

Conspiracy Of Torture

Set in 17th Century Italy, Beatrice Cenci (Adrienne Larussa) is the teenage daughter of a cruel landowner and nobleman who keeps his daughter locked up in the dungeon of his castle, beats her and sexually abuses her as well. Beatrice plots with her stepmother and her besotted servant Olimpio (the great Tomas Milian) to murder her hated father. The authorities do not look kindly on these villainous activities, and process to very graphically and painfully torture first Olimpio and then Beatrice herself. Directed by Italian horror great Lucio Fulci (The Beyond), the film is beautifully photographed, with lush, gorgeous set design and locations. English version.

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