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Long Hair Of Death/Angel For Satan (Region 1) - Mastrocinque/Margheriti
Releasedatum: 24 februari 2009
Two classic horrorfilms with Barbara Steele! An Angel For Satan
Hauntingly beautiful Barbara Steele remains to this day the standard by which all horror queens are judged. You'll see why when you watch this ultra-rare film. Sculptor Roberto (Anthony Steffen) arrives in a small village to restore an ancient statue that has been recovered after 200 years from the lake bottom. He discovers that local heiress Harriet (Steele), who's ancestor was the original model, is a dead ringer for the statue. As work progresses, Steele begins to take on the psychotic traits of her ancestor, a woman the superstitious villagers believe was a much-feared temptress and sorceress of local legend. Italian version, english subtitles.
The Long Hair Of Death
In this gothic gem, she plays Helen Karn-stein, who's mother is burned at the stake as a witch. Helen vows revenge, but is pushed off a cliff before she can carry it out. Her younger sister, Elizabeth (Halina Zalewska), grows up and is forced to marry the man who framed her mother. Then one stormy night, Helen rises from the grave. Elizabeth's husband immediately falls for Helen and together they plot to get rid of Elizabeth. Will Helen really help kill her sister, or is it part of a plot to finally get revenge for her mother's death? There is something for everyone in this moody masterpiece: sinister castles, secret passageways, hidden vaults, malignant landlords, ghostly seductresses, black plague, and witch burning! English version.

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