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Simon King Of The Witches (Region 1) - Simon King Of The Witches
Releasedatum: 24 juni 2008
Simon Sinestrari is a warlock. Though he lives in a storm drain and sometimes talks to trees, he's the real deal, no smoke and mirrors. Deadly serious about his craft, he despises falsehoods and misconceptions toward his witchy profession. And as for those who donít believe... After being picked up for vagrancy, Simon spends a night in jail with Turk (George Paulsin), a young hustler with connections to powerful people in powerful places. One such character is Hercules (Gerald York), a skeptical philanthropist who hires Simon to work a party of hipsters and the well-to-do, among whom is beautiful Linda (Brenda Scott), the pill-popping daughter of the local district attorney. In-between romantic dalliances and colorful sex-magik ceremonies with Linda, Simon must contend with those who dare to challenge his magical prowess, eventually forcing him to summon dark forces of revenge and murder. Also starring Warhol Factory regular Ultra Violet as Sarah, and an array of trippy 2001-styled special effects, Simon King of the Witches is a shining vehicle for Andrew Prine (Grizzly, The Centerfold Girls), who gives a mesmerizing performance as Simon in this hip, funny, and often bizarre countercultural cult classic by director Bruce Kessler (The Gay Deceivers).

DVD Extra's:
-Two never-before-seen featurettes featuring Andrew Prine and Bruce Kessler. -Trailer -Radio Spot -English subtitles

€ 22.99

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