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Les Vampires R2 Ws (Uk Import) - Feuillade, Louis
Releasedatum: 24 maart 2008
A legendary early masterpiece of French cinema, 'Les Vampires' follows the exploits of a nefarious band of master criminals led by the seductive femme fatale Irma Vep, alluringly played by Musidora. Holding Paris in the grip of terror, the underworld gang are pursued across the city by heroic journalist Philippe Guerande and his sidekick Mazamette. Reflecting the mood of fear and anxiety in World War I era France, this meticulously restored ten-part silent serial from film pioneer Louis Feuillade - creator of the acclaimed Fantômas serials - is a hugely influential and engrossing crime drama from cinema's golden age. Musical accompaniment composed by Eric Le Guen and Chateau Flight.

DVD Extra's:
Louis Feuillade at Work Short films by Louis Feuillade: Une Dame Vraiment Bien, La Legende de la Fileuse, C'est pour les Orphelines, L'Orgie Romaine

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