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Scott Walker: 30th Century Man (Uk Import) - Walker, Scott
Releasedatum: 24 mei 2010
Biopic of one of pop music's least well known yet greatest influences. Scott Walker's body of work has influenced a greater number of (especially British) indie pop musicians than almost any other single figure yet his name remains largely unknown to the public.
What, then, does his influence consist of? This handsome blonde American boy first found success with the Walker Brothers in 1964 - far greater success in the UK than at home in the US. As a solo act, Walker has always been a record company nightmare - commercially unviable yet critically highly lauded. As his genius as a studio master and composer has become manifest he has become steadily more obscure with each album yet other artists have always loved him.
Here, a parade of modern pop artists line up to pay tribute to the man's influence on their careers including David Bowie, Johnny Marr, Marc Almond, Radiohead, Jarvis Cocker and Brian Eno.

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