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Viol Du Vampire, Le/Rape Of The Vamp (Dutch Subtitles) - Rollin, Jean
Releasedatum: 29 oktober 2007
When the May Revolution raged through the streets of Paris in 1968, a very peculair movie became an overnight sensation. Le Viol du Vampire, a genre movie directed by an unknown filmmaker called Jean Rollin, had just been released with unexpected commercial success. Its free-spirited combination of avant-garde filmmaking, vintage American serials, pop art and erotic vampire movie proved a popular combination in Parisian cinemas. The police even invaded a cinema where the film was shown. Afterwards, a huge riot started between filmgoers and the cops! Almost forty years later, Le Viol du Vampire/Rape of the Vampire has lost none of its naive charm: it’s still a crazy, compelling, and utterly original blend of styles, which bears all the trademarks that Rollin’s later movies became world famous for.

DVD Extra's:

  • Commentary by Jean Rollin
  • Original trailer
  • Gallery
  • Jean Rollin on 'La Nuit des Horloges'
  • Interview with Jacqueline Sieger
  • Interview with Alain Yves Beaujour
  • Interview with François Tusques

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