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Aki Kaurismaki Collection Vol 2 R2 (Uk Import) - Kaurismaki, Ari
Releasedatum: 8 oktober 2007
Three films by acclaimed Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki.

In the comedy 'Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatjana' (1994), two friends, Valto (Mato Valtonen) and Reino (Matti Pellonpaa), take to the road in search of coffee and vodka, without which their lives are not worth living. But their reveries are interrupted by the arrival of garrulous Russian Klaudia (Kirsi Tykkylainen) and Estonian Tatjana (Kati Outinen) - who are clearly interested in the two men, despite the language barrier. But what are the chances of getting a response from men who prefer staring at vodka bottles to talking?
'Drifting Clouds' (1996) is another offbeat comedy, set during the Finnish economic recession. Ilona (Kati Outinen) and Lauri Koponen (Kari Vaananen) are a waitress and driver who, through sheer bad luck, are made redundant at the same time. Ilona finds work in a sleazy bar, but her employer disappears without paying her wages. Lauri loses the chance of a job at a bus company as he is partially deaf. The couple then hit on the idea of opening their own restaurant, but finding the necessary funds proves to be a problem.
Kaurismaki's 'Juha' (1999) is the fourth film adaptation of the tragic 1911 novel by well-known Finnish author Juhani Aho. Sakari Kuosmanen plays the eponymous protagonist, a simple cabbage farmer married to the younger Marja (Kati Outinen). It isn't long before Marja has been seduced away from him by Shemeikka (Andre Wilms), a seedy underworld type, who then proceeds to forego all his wild promises to her and ends up enslaving her in a brothel.

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