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Midnight Movie Collection (Region 1) - Steckler, Ray Dennis
Releasedatum: 4 september 2007
Lemon Grove Kids...
Consisting of three shorts, this homage to the Bowery Boys features Slug, Gopher and the Lemon Grove Kids competing against their rival gang and running afoul of mummies, gorillas, grasshopper men and vampires from outer space! Fun for the whole family!

The Incredibly Strange Creatures...
Touted as "the world's first monster musical", this legendary, marquee-busting B -movie classic implies the tale of how one poor soul (Cash Flagg) is driven to murderous madness thanks to a crafty fortune-teller, awkward dance numbers and monsters run amuck!

Adventures of Rat Pfink and Boo Boo
When sexy Cee Bee Beaumont (Carolyn Brandt) is kidnapped by the Chain Gang, Lonnie (Ron Haydock) and his friend Titus (Titus Moede) leap into their homemade leotards, and swing into action as Rat Pfink and Boo Boo! With guest appearance by Kogar the Ape!

The Thrill Killers
"Mad Dog" Click (Cash Flagg), a motiveless maniac on the loose, is killing at random. He's a thrill-killer! Along the way, we meet a couple (including legendary Liz Renay) and other soon-to-be thrill-killed characters. With escaped lunatics and loads of action!

€ 25.99

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