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Prime Evil/Don't Answer The Phone R (Region 1) - Welcome To Grindhouse
Releasedatum: 6 september 2007
Donít Answer the Phone [UNCUT] (1980) Dir. Robert Hammer
Vietnam veteran/photographer terrorizes Los Angeles by going around strangling young women in their homes while taunting psychologist Lindsay Gale by calling her radio call-in show to describe his misogynistic ways. Meanwhile, the police detectives are close behind the psycho hoping heíll slip up and make a mistake. Stars James Westmoreland (Stacey), Flo Gerrish, Ben Frank and Nicholas Worth (Darkman, Swamp Thing).

Prime Evil (1998) Dir. Roberta Findlay
A group of evil monks surface in New York City sacrificing humans left and right to Lord Satan. Fortunately, a brave and determined nun infiltrates the sect in an attempt to end the immortals' demonic sacrifices. Stars William Beckwith, Christine Moore & Mavis Harris.

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