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Ah My Goddess 2 V.3: Flights Of Fan (Region 1) - Ah My Goddess 2 V.3: Flights Of Fan
Releasedatum: 29 augustus 2007
Ever since Peorth came to live with Keiichi, he's wished she would return to heaven. The only way to get Peorth to leave is for Keiichi to let her grant him a real wish, but what could a guy who already lives with three goddesses possibly need?!
Then, someone arrives at the auto club who strikes fear into the hearts of the senior members! The stranger challenges Keiichi to a race, but what's really at stake in this contest? When Urd's long-lost love returns, he's determined to win Urd back, but he's convinced Keiichi presents a threat. Unfortunately, he's the jealous type, and poor Keiichi may get caught in the middle of this supernatural sweetheart's spat!

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