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Big O 2: Anime Legends Complete Col (Region 1) - Big O 2: Anime Legends Complete Col
Releasedatum: 21 augustus 2007
When we last saw Roger Smith and the Big O, they were about to defend his home of Paradigm City against three invading robots. Now, the battle is over, and Roger Smith seems to have lost his memory. He is plagued by doubts about who he is and the world he lives in, and he keeps having these strange flashbacks to - what, exactly?
Meanwhile, Dastun must investigate a case a serial killer who’s killing androids, Dorothy discovers a secret cult beneath Paradigm City, and Angel is dealing with her own personal trauma. And amidst all of this chaos, a new Megadeus appearsラBig Fau!
Now, Roger and the Big O must got toe-to-toe against the greatest foe they’ve ever faced. And the stakes for this battle are higher than anyone could possibly imagine! What is the ultimate price for the truth?

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