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Alfie (Originals) (Repackaged) R2 W (Uk Import- Dutch Subtitles) - Michael Caine
Releasedatum: 23 juli 2007
Alfie (Michael Caine in his first starring role) is a streetwise womaniser in swinging Sixties London. His conquests are numerous, from common-law wife Gilda (Julia Foster) to frustrated housewife Lily (Vivien Merchant), but the chirpy cockney's sexual antics catch up with him faster than he had counted on. The film is now seen as a period piece of Sixties British Cinema and to show the consequences of the sexual revolution that began in that era (Alfie is not repentent about his harsh treatment of the women in his life and so never quite finds fulfilment), was nominated for 6 Academy Awards and has a soundtrack by jazz musician Sonny Rollins. Also available as part of the VHS 'Michael Caine Box Set' with 'Zulu' and 'The Italian Job'.

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