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Picasso: The Man And His Work (Region 1) - Part 2
Releasedatum: 28 januari 2003
V.I.E.W. VIDEO is proud to present this enhanced video anthology of Pablo Picasso, considered by many to be the greatest painter of our time, and perhaps of all time. This unique film and the many bonus features reveal many unknown aspects of his work and personality and contains over 600 of his works, many never seen in public. Furthermore, these are the last pictures ever taken of Picasso during his lifetime.

Edward Quinn, photographer and filmmaker, had the complete collaboration of Picasso, at work and at play. Filmed where Picasso lived and worked, Quinn was allowed to do as he liked, provided that Picasso was free to do what he wanted. Using intimate and exclusive home movies and photos, Quinn has created a screenplay showing Picasso as if he were going through the scrapbook of his life. With many flashback sequences showing the mutations and evolution of his work in progress, we chronologically follow his works and the episodes of his life in parallel.

PART 2 (1938-1973):
Through the war years and life on the French Riviera, Picasso's work moves on to include ceramics, sculpture, pottery and graphics. The period from 1946 to 1973 is made up primarily of home movies, showing his relationships with his children and the women in his life, and emphasizing the enormous amount of work accomplished by Picasso during his last 20 years. We observe Picasso, 90 years old, working on a copper plate engraving as we follow the progress and changes made through 6 different stages.

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