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Johnny Legend's Deadly Doubles 4 (Region 1) - Johnny Legend's Deadly Doubles 4
Releasedatum: 29 mei 2007
'Johnny Legend's Deadly Doubles' Volume 3 presents another outrageous double bill of rare cult classics! This time it's all about primative passions and 60's spies in 'Prehistoric Women' and 'Spies A Go-Go'.

Prehistoric Women
Johnny Legend presents a brand new Double Bill of Mondo masterpieces. One extremely rare cult classic from the early 50s and one insane hodgepodge from the mid-60s. Both in brain-snapping color! In Prehistoric Women, Tigri and her stone-age girl friends hate all men, but realizing they are a necessary evil, capture some for potential husbands. Engor escapes and in his travels, discovers fire. This comes in handy later, after he has been recaptured by the women, when he uses a torch to drive off a giant.

Spies A Go-Go
Spies A Go-Go, filmed by Vilmos Zsigmond AND Laszlo Kovacs and directed by James (The Sadist) Landis AND featuring Richard "JAWS" Kiel, is an insane musical spy spoof in a world of its own. A Russian spy bearing a rabbit with a vial of deadly bacteria arrives at a dude ranch with the intent of destroying America by releasing the rabbit on the continental divide. He must contend with a cadre of intercontinental counter-espionage agents and a rock-and-roll singer who is really a secret agent! Thirty years ahead of Austin Powers!

DVD Extra's:

  • Trailers
  • Johnny Legend chats with Ray Dennis Steckler

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