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Black Candles/Evil Eye R1 (Region 1) - Welcome To Grindhouse Double Featur
Releasedatum: 28 juni 2007
To salute this film revolution of a bygone era, BCI has developed a line of DVD double features that recreate the ephemeral experience of the Grindhouse theaters with a whole new, interactive DVD experience.
Featuring back-to-back film presentations, complete with movie trailers and intermission commercials, you can now enjoy the exploitative nature of exclusively licensed, cult films in the comfort of your own home with “WELCOME TO THE GRINDHOUSE”.

Black Candles
Carol and her boyfriend Paul travel to England after the unexpected death of her brother. Once there she finds out her sister-in-law is involved in a satanic cult and she finds out that Paul is being drawn into the cult.

Evil Eye (Il Malocchio)
Peter Crane is having nightmares about murdering someone. His psychiatrist Doctor Stone has him hospitalized for being unable to differentiate between dream and reality. Soon people start turning up dead at the hospital. Is Peter really a killer or is there something more sinister at foot.

DVD Extra's:
Trailers: Pick up , Legend of the Eight Samurai, Burnout , Sister Street Fighter

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