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Kekko Kamen-Anime Classics R2 (Uk Import) -
Releasedatum: 4 juni 2007
Saucy, titillating classic adult anime based on the earlier manga by Go Nagai (Cutey Honey) about a girls school superhero who dispenses justice by nipple and nanchuk.
The Spartan Institute is a school that demands results. Their enforcement methods are often brutal, almost always perverted and designed to achieve sexual gratification for the paedophilic masters.
The series follows the misadventures of the hapless yet nearly always naked student Mayumi Takahashi who comes in for a singularly systemic ordeal of abuse from these nasty educators. Her only defender is a mysterious, faceless character known as Kekko Kamen - whose get-up consists (only) of red boots, a red mask and a pair of rather gratuitous long red bunny-ear appendages.
Kekko has the power and the looks to see off almost any attacker - her signature finishing move is called the 'Open Thighs Jump Attack' and would frankly bring tears to a glass eye to witness. Stopping just south of being labelled 'hentai anime' Kekko Kamen is more ribaldry than perversion and plays it strictly for laughs.

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