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Nympho Libre (Region 1) -
Releasedatum: 5 juni 2007
Exploitation movie maven Johnny Legend and his perverted cohort Toby Dammit have discovered a new twist on the old in-out, in-out: Masked Mexican Sex Wrestling!
Combining colorful sex with the iconography of South Of The Border rasslin' flicks, this "porn-u-mentary" explores the shocking world of wrestle-crazed lesbian love-lizards, groin-gobblin' grappler gals, and pot-bellied blithering idiots in masks getting laid left and right!
The film's best scenes feature the Aztec Mummy, dubbed superstar of innumerable Mexican trash flicks. When cute new-comer Cherie goes down on the 2000 year old monster, he spews unholy dialogue like "May the sperm demons of Amon-Ra scream a thousand curses in my red bulb of ecstacy!" For this alone, we nominate "Nympho Libre" for best video feature of the decade! (David Sullivan, Adult Video News)

DVD Extra's:

  • Audio Commentary by Toby Dammit & Veronica Caine
  • Behind The Scenes (30 mins.)

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