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Unholy Matrimony: My Third Wife Geo (Region 1) - Unholy Matrimony: My Third Wife Geo
Releasedatum: 5 juni 2007
"You didn't tell me it would be this disgusting, disgusting, disgusting," screams fake-wife Janice to her fake-hubby Al moments after she's attacked by an aggressive wife-swapper.
Pretending to be married, Al and Janice are actually magazine reporters hoping their Unholy Matrimony will ferret out a blackmail ring preying on the wife-swapping scene. All of which puts them in the middle of such matrimonial joys as an adult version of "spin-the-bottle," an S&M-flavored trip on "that new drug LSD," and the inevitable Death by Meat Hook in this witty and well-made sexploitation gem from the makers of The Love Cult!

Plus: 40-year-old virgin Ralph Higbee gets a crash course in the birds and the bees when he's seduced into a marijuana-fueled threesome with buxom "hippie" Bunny Ware. On a roll, Ralph quickly marries Wife #1 but catches her making it with the swimming instructor. Wife #2 catches Ralph making it with his nerdy secretary. And then there's My Third Wife, George who seems perfect except for a vicious jealous streak and... well, that name....
Starring William Kerwin (of Blood Feast) and Brad Grinter (of Blood Freak), here's another cockeyed skinflick from the Golden Age of the American Nudie. Zowie!

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