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American Revolution 2 (Region 1) - American Revolution 2
Releasedatum: 22 mei 2007
A heady time of change and chains, the 1960s was defined by a common effort to fight against injustice. And Chicago filmmaker Mike Gray was there, using his camera to document the politics of the streets.
AMERICAN REVOLUTION 2 is a rare cinematic treasure that captures the social upheaval that followed the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. From the riots that followed, two disparate groups, the Black Panthers and the Young Patriots (a group of poor Southern whites living in Chicago), emerge to unite against prejudice and injustice in their city.
Gray's gritty, no-frills style is spontaneous and purposeful suggesting a you-are-there quality that captures the excitement of the era. Shot verite style, with no script, hand-held camera, direct sound, and natural lighting, the look is rough, raw, and real much like the city it depicted.

DVD Extra's:

  • Special booklet
  • Documentary short film 'Riots to Revoltion: Chicago in 1968'

    € 33.99

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