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Murder Of Fred Hampton (Region 1) - Murder Of Fred Hampton
Releasedatum: 22 mei 2007
THE MURDER OF FRED HAMPTON began as a film portrait of Hampton and the Illinois Black Panther Party, but half way through the shoot, Hampton was murdered by Chicago policeman.
In an infamous moment in Chicago history and politics, over a dozen policeman burst into Hampton s apartment while its occupants were sleeping, killing Hampton and fellow Panther Mark Clark and brutalizing the other occupants. Filmmakers Mike Gray and Howard Alk arrived a few hours later to shoot film footage of the crime scene that was later used to contradict news reports and police testimony.
Recently restored and reworked by Gray, THE MURDER OF FRED HAMPTON is a chilling slice of American history.
Also included is a short film, CICERO MARCH, which chronicled a group who defied Mayor Richard J. Daley s order to march into predominantly white Cicero to protest racism and injustice.

DVD Extra's:

  • Special booklet
  • Documentary short film 'Cicero March'

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