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Werewolves On Wheels (Region 1) - Levesque, Michel
Releasedatum: 28 februari 2006
The Devilís Advocates - an outlaw gang of Harley-riding hellions led by Adam (Stephen Oliver of "Motor Psycho" and "Peyton Place" fame) and his olí lady Helen (D.J. Anderson) - troll the dusty highways of the American Southwest in search of the next great kick, whether it be sex, drugs, or violence. After dispatching a pair of rednecks unfriendly to their lifestyle, the Advocates run roughshod over a gas station before taking to the road again, where they encounter a cloistered sect of Satanic monks led by high priest One (Severn Darden). A mass-drugging, a ritual sacrifice, a topless snake-dance, and a scene-clearing fistfight ensue, but itís too late: the spell has been cast, and two shall becomeÖ Werewolves on Wheels!

Equal parts road movie biker pic and black magic monster flick, this cross-genre film marked the directorial debut of Michel Levesque, art designer on the Russ Myers films "Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-vixens" and "Up!" Also starring Billy Gray (TV's "Father Knows Best") and pop singer Barry McGuire, "Werewolves on Wheels" defies classification. Is it art? Is it exploitation? The answer is a resounding yes.

€ 22.99

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