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Girls Gone Bad: The Delinquent Dame (Region 1) - Girls Gone Bad: Delinquent Dames Co
Releasedatum: 8 mei 2007
Bad babes! Doped-up dolls! Promiscuous pretties! Tarty temptresses! All this and much more in 24 feature-length films focusing on nice girls (and some not-so-nice girls) who are led down the dark road to sex, drugs and even murder.
Spanning 35 years of crime, exploitation, and lurid cautionary tales, many of these mostly low-budget programmers have sunken (or risen) to the status of camp classics. Here they are in one deliciously decadent collection!

Disc 1:
# Party Girl (1930) – In this early talkie, an “escort girl” and her devious mother scheme to extort money from a naive frat boy (Douglas Fairbanks Jr. of The Prisoner of Zenda). Silent star Marie Prevost (of Jean Renoir’s Nana), who drank herself to death when she couldn’t succeed in sound films, plays Diana. 61 mins.
# Damaged Lives (1933) – Edgar Ulmer (The Black Cat, Detour) directed this lurid morality play in which a loose woman (Charlotte Merriam of Night Nurse) gives syphilis to a young groom-to-be (Lyman Williams of Supernatural), ruining his life – and those of his unsuspecting bride and new baby. 61 mins.
# The Road To Ruin (1934) – This racy tale, written and directed by a woman (Dorothy Davenport), centers on an innocent young girl (Helen Foster of Golddiggers of Broadway) who falls in with the wrong crowd and winds up a pregnant alcoholic drug addict – who gets an abortion! 62 mins.
# Gambling With Souls (1936) – Lurid story about an unscrupulous gambler (Wheeler Oakman of Buck Rogers) who tricks a group of innocent young girls into paying off their gambling debts by becoming prostitutes. 70 mins.
# Cocaine Fiends (1936) – An innocent young girl (Lois January, who played an Emerald City manicurist in The Wizard of Oz) is turned into a cocaine addict by a pusher on the run (Noel Madison of Manhattan Melodrama). 68 mins.

Disc 2:
# Reefer Madness (1936) – Legendary cult classic about the countless evils that befall naïve girls who are lured into smoking weed. Directed by Louis J. Gasnier, who, just one year earlier, had directed Cary Grant and Claude Rains in The Last Outpost! 67 mins.
# Assassin Of Youth (1937) – A high-school girl (Luana Walters, who played Lara in the Superman serial) falls in with a group of teenage pot smokers, resulting in total ruination. Directed by Elmer Clifton (who appeared in Intolerance). 80 mins.
# Slaves In Bondage (1937) – Another Elmer Clifton “classic,” this one about a nefarious beautician (Florence Dudley of Go Into Your Dance) who lures young girls into a life of prostitution. 70 mins.
# Sex Madness (1937) – Orgies, lesbians, and casting couches frame this story of a promiscuous chorus girl (Vivian McGill, in her only film) contracts syphilis.52 mins.
# Mad Youth (1940) – A mother of ill-repute (Betty Compson of The Great Gabbo) tries to keep her troubled daughter from following the same road to ruin, but both wind up falling for the same sleazy gigolo (Willy Castello of Foreign Correspondent). 76 mins.

Disc 3:
# Gangs Inc. (1941) – A naive young woman (Joan Woodbury, who played the tiny queen in Bride of Frankenstein) is unjustly imprisoned – turning her into a hardened criminal who forms a powerful gang upon her release. Alan Ladd (The Blue Dahlia) plays an undercover cop. 72 mins.
# Lady Gangster (1942) – Robert Florey (The Cocoanuts, Murders in the Rue Morgue) directed this fascinating tale of an actress (Faye Emerson of The Mask of Demetrios) who gets mixed up with a gang and ends up taking the rap (and prison sentence) for a robbery. A very young Jackie Gleason plays Wilson. 62 mins.
# Confessions Of A Vice Baron (1943) – Abortion, white slavery, and other sordid crimes that exploit women are among the confessions of a vice baron (Willy Castello of Mad Youth) as he awaits execution. Clips from earlier exploitation films are used to illustrate his lurid past. 59 mins.
# Delinquent Daughters (1944) – The untimely suicide of a high-school girl leads to the revelation that her short life had been filled with booze, gambling, and men. Fifi D’Orsay (Going Hollywood) plays Mimi. 72 mins.
# Blonde Ice (1948) – An ambitious society reporter (Leslie Brooks of Cover Girl) marries a number of wealthy men – who all die under very suspicious circumstances. Screenplay by Nancy Drew veteran Kenneth Gamet. 73 mins.

Disc 4:
# Killer Bait (1949) – Lizabeth Scott (Dead Reckoning) is the femme fatale who stops at nothing (including two-timing her mild-mannered husband) to maintain possession of a sack of stolen money. Dan Duryea (Ball of Fire) is the bad guy she hooks up with. 99 mins.
# She Shoulda Said No (1949) – Lila Leeds, who had been arrested alongside Robert Mitchum the previous year for smoking marijuana, plays a promising young chorus girl whose life goes down the tubes when she indulges in – smoking marijuana! Leeds 70 mins.
# Jail Bait (1954) – Ed Wood (Plan 9 From Outer Space) goes film noir with this cautionary tale of a naïve young man who is lured into a life of crime by a seductive woman (Dolores Fuller of Glen or Glenda). Future Hercules Unchained star Steve Reeves has his first speaking role as a police lieutenant. 71 mins.
# The Girl Gang (1954) – A sleazy thug (Timothy Farrell of Jail Bait) gives sexy young women drugs and then forces them into robbery and prostitution. Playboy Playmate of the Month (May 1954) Joanne Arnold is the center of attention. 63 mins.

Disc 5:
# Swamp Women (1955) – Early Roger Corman “classic” about a gang of escaped female convicts in search of some diamonds that have been hidden in a swamp (Well, it could happen!) Beverly Garland (D.O.A.) is the head of the gang and Mike Connors (Mannix) is Bob Matthews. 70 mins.
# The Violent Years (1956) – A neglected rich girl (Playboy Playmate of the Month for October of 1955 Jean Moorhead) turns to crime as she and her girl friends dress up as men and start robbing gas stations, forcing themselves on young men at gunpoint, and committing similar atrocities. Ed Wood penned the script. 57 mins.
# The Flesh Merchant (1956) – An aspiring – but naïve – actress/model (Joy Reynolds of Loving You) is tricked by a gang of pimps into becoming a prostitute at the same house of ill-repute where her sister works. 60 mins.
# Sin You Sinners (1963) – An aging stripper uses a magic Haitian amulet to hypnotize others into murdering for her. Written and co-directed by prolific soft-core legend Joseph Sarno. 71 mins.
# Bad Girls Go To Hell (1965) – Another female director – Doris Wishman – helmed this tale of a housewife (Gigi Darlene of The Sin Syndicate) who is raped by a janitor, leading to a life of murder and debauchery. Alan Feinstein (Falcon Crest) is Ted Kelton. 78 mins.

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