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Tekkaman Blade Collection, Vol. 2 (Region 1) - Tekkaman Blade Collection 2
Releasedatum: 5 juni 2007
Afraid of losing control and attacking Aki or the Space Knights, D-Boy finds himself paralyzed in battle. The team is rescued by Balzac, piloting the military's Powered Suit, the artificial Tekkaman, Sol. Then the invading Radam aliens step up their attack, and D-Boy can't transform into Tekkaman Blade. Noal and Aki step in to protect him.
Meanwhile, Tekkaman Evil searches the Earth for the escaped Tekkaman Rapier, who is really D-Boy's sister Miyuki. Miyuki ends up befriending Aki, and she is given a terrible choice. She can either keep her promise to wait for her brother, or sacrifice herself to protect her new friend from the assault of Tekkaman Axe, Lance and Sword.

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