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Bava Box Set, Vol. 1 (5pc) (Region 1) - Bava Box Set: 1
Releasedatum: 3 april 2007
More than a quarter of a century after his death, director Mario Bava remains one of international cinema’s most controversial icons. Today his influence — marked by stunning visuals, daring sexuality and shocking violence — can still be seen in the works of Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Tim Burton, Dario Argento and countless others in a legacy that extends far beyond the horror genre.
This collection brings together 5 landmark movies from the first half of Bava’s career — encompassing the original giallo, a bold Viking epic, and his three gothic horror masterpieces — featuring new transfers, original European versions, and exclusive featurettes to create the definitive celebration of one of the most important filmmakers of all time.

Includes the films Black Sunday, Black Sabbath, The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Knives of the Avenger and Kill, Baby... Kill!

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