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Beyond Hatred R2 (Uk Import) - Meyrou, Olivier
Releasedatum: 16 april 2007
On Sept 13 2002 a racially motivated murder was committed in Reims, France. Three skinheads hid in a park with the intention of "doing an Arab". Instead they came across Francois Chenu, a self-assured gay man who refused to be intimidated by the thugs. He was beaten unconscious and his body thrown into a nearby pond where he drowned.
The murderers were quickly apprehended by the police and brought to trial in a lengthy court case which became a "cause celebre" in the media.
Olivier Meyrou documents the trial and subsequent repercussions on the family and how their feelings changed from initial rage towards forgiveness. This is a universal film about love and hatred, tolerance and intolerance and, above all the human spirit.

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