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Luana/Karzan Jungle Lord R1 (Region 1) - Fidani, Demofilo
Releasedatum: 10 april 2007
In an effort to keep up with the world marketplace for cinema product, the Italian film producers were often tempted to try their hands at widely established genres, and the continuing popularity of Tarzan gave them plenty to work with.
From the studios of Italy came a nearly inexhaustible supply of look-alike and sound-alike films of every variety. br> Luana, he Jungle Girl Tarzan (1968) finds a safari in trouble aided by a mysterious ape-girl (Mei Chen) who has taken a liking to a rugged he-man explorer (Django Shoots First star Glenn Saxson).
Karzan, Jungle Lord (1972) is an oddball take-off on the oh-so-familiar story of a group of scientists attempting to capture and reform the King of the Jungle. This one even features sound-alike stars in Johnny Kissmueller, Jr. and "Simone Blondel" (Simonetta Vitelli).

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