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Absurd Brave (Remastered) (Region 1) - Absurd Brave
Releasedatum: 17 april 2007
The arrest and execution of the head of the outlawed Five Flower sect leaves his four offspring thirsty for revenge! But none of his children are more bloodthirsty than his eldest daughter. She leads her siblings on a murderous trail of vengeance, as they assassinate all of the officials involved in their fatherís execution, including the local governor. Chaos and lawlessness follow in their bloody wake.
Somehow, Wu Liang, the governorís grown son, escapes the murderous wrath of the Five Flowers and finds his way to Master Ou, the absurdly deadly master of the martial arts.
Can young Wu avenge his father and protect the public from the deadly Five Flowers when Master Ou treats the whole affair as a game? Find out in this newly restored wuxia classic!

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