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Videogramme Einer Revolution (Region 1) - Farocki, Harun
Releasedatum: 25 april 2006
History takes place before our eyes as the Romanian government of Nicolai Ceaucescu topples. In ten tense days during December 1989, a popular rebellion overthrew the government, executed the ruler, and occupied the television network. Factions of the rebellion broadcast these events continuously for 120 hours.
In VIDEOGRAMS OF A REVOLUTION, controversial German director Harun Farocki (AS YOU SEE; HOW TO LIVE IN THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY) teams up with Andrej Ujica to condense and shape over 125 hours of amateur and professional video into a document that concisely chronicles the fall of Ceaucescu. The result is a unique documentary in which media spectacle was turned into history and then history turned into drama.
As chilling as Eisenstein's October, VIDEOGRAMS OF A REVOLUTION reveals the way ordinary images become extraordinary history.

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