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Thing From Another World R2 (Uk Import) - 2 Disc Edition
Releasedatum: 19 maart 2007
B-Movie heaven as a UFO crashes into earth and its pilot wreaks havoc. One of the earliest B-movies and one that helped distil the formula they followed from that point on, 'The Thing From Another World' is the tale of alien encounter at a remote arctic base.
An unknown spacecraft smashes into the wilderness of the artic. An air force crew is dispatched from Alaska to investigate and is shocked to find that the craft is a flying saucer. They frantically begin to recover the craft, which is encased in ice, but use a little too much gelignite and blow the thing to smithereens. Nearby a body is found and immediately covered with a blanket. Most of the crew members are then off doing something when it becomes apparent they've used an electric blanket!
As the sled dogs start to turn up drained of blood, it is soon apparent that this is one extra-terrestrial popsicle that should have been left in the freezer...

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