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Chevalier D'eon, Livre 1 (Region 1) - Le Chevalier D'eon 1
Releasedatum: 20 februari 2007
Paris, 1742. A coffin floats in the shimmering Seine On the lid, a word written in blood – “Psalms.” Inside, the body of a beautiful woman Lia de Beaumont.
Now her brother, D’Eon, seeks the reason for her mysterious murder, and uncovers an evil that casts shadows in both the palaces of kings and in the dark alleys of Europe. A power wielded by spell-casting Poets and manipulated by royalty. A force to powerful it brings Lia’s soul back from beyond to seize the only weapon she can possess to avenge her death – her own brother.
History meets horror. Fantasy meets mystery. Experience the next revolution in anime with 'Le Chevalier d'Eon'.

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