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Prince Of Space/Invasion Of The Nep (Region 1) - Drive In Movie Double Feature: Prin
Releasedatum: 25 april 2006
Prince of Space aka Yusei Oji aka Starman:
When aliens from the barren rock planet Krankor attack Earth, only the curiously-costumed Prince of Space (aka Wally the shoeshine boy in disguise) and his trusty exhaust-spewing rocketship can save the world-- or at least Japan-- from total conquest by the evil Phantom and his beak-nosed minions. Since conventional space weapons cannot harm the spry Prince of Space, the Phantom engages in a kidnapping scheme involving a cadre of international scientists.

Invasion of the Neptune Men aka Uchu Kaisoku-sen aka Space Greyhound
In another case of galactic conquest, clunky metallic aliens from the planet Neptune invade Earth-- or at least a quaint field in rural Japan-- only to have their efforts thwarted by caffeinated superhero Space Chief (venerable action hero Sonny Chiba of Kill Bill and The Streetfighter fame), who travels from situation to head-scratching situation in a boxy space car when not befriending a group of geeky boys.

€ 22.99

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