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Aftermath: Unanswered Questions Fro (Region 1) - Marshall, Stephen
Releasedatum: 30 augustus 2005
With the increasing controversy surrounding the federal probe into the September 11 terrorist attacks, GNN decided to pre-empt the government and produce its own version of a "truth commission" with AFTERMATH: Unanswered Question from 9/11.

  • What did the Bush administration know and when?
  • Should airlines have been more prepared for 9/11?
  • What ties did the US government have, if any, with the terrorists?

    Aftermath delves into the troubling mass of issues that have arisen since the attacks on 9/11, including:

  • the negligence of military officials in reacting to the hijackings
  • proven links between the hijackers, Pakistani intelligence (ISI) and the CIA
  • the role of oil in the Eurasian conflict
  • the impact of post-911 legislation on American civil liberties

    The film poses questions that continue to overshadow and critically challenge the administrationís official version of the story, and is a must see for those who continue to question the terrible and as yet unexplained events of that day.

    DVD Extra's:

  • Over 90 minutes bonus footage
  • Extended interview clips
  • Live panel discussion featuring George Soros, Mike Ruppert, Nafeez Ahmed and more!
  • 2 Bonus News videos

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