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Girl From Sin/Henry's Night In (Region 1) - Girl From Sin & Henry's Night In
Releasedatum: 4 oktober 2005
Sexy but sinister Poontang Plenty is THE GIRL FROM S.I.N., an agent of an international crime syndicate eager to discover the secret of invisibility. Headed by the evil Dr. Sexus (a sort of fat Fu Manchu), S.I.N. sends Miss Plenty and Mr. Silk Suit (“The Man from M.A.F.I.A.”) to find crackpot Professor L.B. Drake (played by director C. Davis Smith) who has invented invisible people pills. But when the bad guys attack the Prof, they don’t count on Drake’s lovely assistant Karen, who becomes an Invisible Woman out to stop S.I.N. -- and keeps unexpectly reappearing in the nude -- in this utterly wacky New York nudie....

Plus: See the Sex Life of an Invisible Man in HENRY’S NIGHT IN, another screwball sexploitation film from The Golden Age of the American Nudie. Though a psychiatrist tells henpecked Henry that he can learn to satisfy his sexually voracious wife only by first having numerous affairs, timid Henry is too girl-shy to act. That changes, however, when he acquires “The Diary of the Invisible Man,” whips up the invisibility formula, and -- Ah-choo! -- turns into an Invisible Stud who pays nightly visits to the lovely ladies of the neighborhood....

Seeing is definitely not-believing with these crazy sci-fi nudie cuties!

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