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Scanner Darkly, A R2 Ws (Uk Import) - Linklater, Richard
Releasedatum: 22 januari 2007
Thriller based on the novel by Philip K. Dick. The war on drugs has been lost, and when a reluctant undercover cop is ordered to spy on those he is closest to, the toll that the mission takes on his sanity is too great to comprehend. Bob Arctor (Keanu Reeves) is a narcotics officer who is issued an order to spy on his friends and report back to headquarters. In addition to being a cop, though, Arctor is also an addict. His drug of choice is a ubiquitous street drug called Substance D, a drug known to produce split personalities in its users.

DVD Extra's:
Trailers, Commentary (Keanu Reeves, Richard Linklater (Writer/Director), Tommy Pallotta (Producer), Jonathan Lethern (Author) and Isa Dick Hackett), Other documentaries ('One Summer in Austin: The Story of Filming A Scanner Darkly', 'The Weight of the Line' - Animation Tales)

€ 13.99

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