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Cannibal (Region 1) - Cannibal (2005)
Releasedatum: 5 december 2006
In 2003, a man with a lifelong cannibalistic obsession placed an advertisement on the Internet in search of a victim to eat. Unbelievably he received a reply from a willing victim, whereby the stage was set for one of the most awful and depraved crimes of modern times. The gruesome incident was captured on camcorder and the footage formed part of the evidence at the trial of the world's most infamous cannibal.

CANNIBAL is a horrifying dramatic reenactment of the gruesome relationship between two depraved human beings. One with an insatiable appetite for human flesh, the other with a yearning to be consumed and thereby become one with the predator.
Gruesome, repulsive but riveting, CANNIBAL cannot help but hold an awful fascination for devotees of the macabre.

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