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Best Student Council, Vol. 1: A New (Region 1) - Best Student Council 1: New Home &
Releasedatum: 9 januari 2007
A girl with an unsuspected power and her “very unusual” puppet find a new home and new friends within the Best Student Council.

Rino loses everything and has no one to turn to after her mother’s death. With the help of a mysterious pen pal, whom she has never met, Rino transfers to the very selective Miyagami Private Academy. She arrives at the steps of this prestigious institution along with her hand-puppet Pucchan, who seems to have a mind of his own. At this academy, she meets a gifted group of individuals who are willing to serve and protect the school and its students at all cost! They will help Rino discover something very special about herself. This elite body of students are the members of the “maximum authority-wielding” Best Student Council.

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