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Beauty Academy Of Kabul (Region 1) - Mermin, Liz
Releasedatum: 11 december 2006
An arresting and optimistic portrait of post-Taliban Afghanistan, the theatrical hit THE BEAUTY ACADEMY OF KABUL captures the wonderfully odd circumstances that bring Afghan and American women together in pursuit of physical beauty and much more. In this utterly unique film, a quirky gaggle of Western hairstylists, including Afghan-American women, armed with blow driers and designer scissors, improbably opens a school to teach eager Afghan women the high art of fixing hair. Torn by decades of war and oppression, the women of Kabul embrace perm rods and mascara with unbridled hope even as they candidly recall the horrors of burkas and bombs. Both humorous and slyly subversive, the film offers poignant moments of culture clash between the Americans and Afghans and touching moments of feminine solidarity. Eschewing the trivial, THE BEAUTY ACADEMY OF KABUL innovatively renders the odd story of international goodwill through hair care in exquisitely humane terms.

"A profound reminder of the things that make us human" (Los Angeles Times), THE BEAUTY ACADEMY OF KABUL is a revelatory window into the aspirations and fears of Afghans struggling to rebuild their country and attend to human beauty.

DVD Extra's:
* Filmmaker Post Screening Q&A
* Deleted scenes
* Resource guide
* Biography

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