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Frisson Des Vampires, Le (Special Edition) - Rollin, Jean
Releasedatum: 30 november 2006
Le Frisson des Vampires is a classic Jean Rollin movie. From its freaky pop soundtrack by Acanthus and stunning lead actresses Julien and Dominique, through its erotic and lyrical scenes at the cemetery and up to its poetic conclusion, the film oozes the kind of atmosphere filmgoers have come to expect from the French maestro. This picture is a true time machine: it brings one back to a period when European filmmakers dares to cross all boundaries and fantastic cinema had a truly mesmerizing quality.

Newlyweds Jean-Marie Durand and Sandra Julien spend their honeymoon on the countryside and visit a mysterious castle. There they get involved in a series of strange events: it turns out that the castle is inhabited by vampires. Especially the female one (cult actress Dominique) has some special plans for Julien...

DVD Extra's:
Audio commentary by Jean Rollin.
Original trailer.
Deleted scenes.

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