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Claire (Region 1) - Thomas, Milford
Releasedatum: 22 september 2006
Set in a storybook 1920s rural American South and inspired by the Japanese fairytale “Kaguyahime,” Milford Thomas’ Claire tells the story of a child-less,elderly male couple (Mish P. DeLight and James Ferguson) who discover a princess made of moonlight (Toniet Gallego) inside an ear of corn. The enchanting young Claire bewitches onlookers with her readings of fantastic poetry in unfamiliar languages, entrances a local boy and discovers her miraculous healing powers when he jumps from a cliff in an attempt to win her heart. While exemplifying the untraditional family (two men lovingly raising a moon-child), Claire celebrates the diversity of family and poignantly treats the grief of losing a loved one. An homage to early cinema, the film was glowingly shot on a vintage hand-cranked 35mm camera and is accompanied by the Orchestra De Lune conducted by Anne Richardson. Like its silent-era camera, all set-design and special effects were achieved the old-fashioned way, using canvas backgrounds, semi-hidden wires and multiple exposures, creating a timeless atmosphere of wonderment and magic.

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