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Power Trip (Region 1) - Devlin, Paul
Releasedatum: 18 september 2006
“A compelling and passionate tale of a country rebuilding itself.” (Hollywood Reporter) POWER TRIP has “suspense, comedy and some colorful characters” (Variety) and develops into an “increasingly absurdist standoff between Communist-inspired cynicism and tenacious capitalist zeal.” (New York Daily News) Five-time Emmy award-winner Paul Devlin (SlamNation, NBC and CBS Olympics) masterfully captures a comic clash of cultures that combusts when an American energy company, AES, tries to transform the dysfunctional electricity distribution system in Tbilisi, capital of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. Struggling against a backdrop of corruption, assassination, and street rioting, AES manager Piers Lewis must convince the formerly communist populace to pay for their electricity, while the Georgians, from pensioners to the Energy Minister, devise ingenious ways to get it free. Amidst hot tempers and high drama, Lewis balances his love for the Georgian people with the hardships his company creates for them as they work together to rebuild a nation from the rubble of Soviet collapse.

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