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Shock-O-Rama (Region 1) -
Releasedatum: 6 september 2006
Veteran horror master Brett Piper (Screaming Dead, Bite Me!) unleashes his newest mad creation... a gruesome, grotesque horror comics-inspired monster movie adventure. Shock-O-Rama drips with bone-chilling terror and unearthly monstrosities and delivers it all with the outrageous special FX for which Piper is renowned. Axed from the movie studio that made her a household name, world famous horror actress Rebecca Raven (Misty Mundae) travels to the country for rest & relaxation - and a battle with a flesh-starved ghoul hungry to turn her into zombie left-overs. Meanwhile, the studio executives rifle through past productions to find a sexy new star for their next film, and two fright flicks grab them by the eyeballs. One of them features killer aliens crash-landed in a junkyard that wage war on its shotgun-toting owner with a 50-foot-tall demon borne of scrap metal and car parts. In the other, an over-sized, under-stimulated hunk of evil brain experiments on beautiful young women for the purpose of experiencing human sensual pleasure. Can these bloodthirsty creatures somehow be real? And will there be a brand new "Rebecca Raven" to send them kicking and screaming back to monster hell?

DVD Extra's:
Interviews. Behind-the-scenes. NYC premiere. And more.

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